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This is an EARLY ACCESS version of the game; the game is still in development. Not all content is implemented, not every level or mechanic is finished, and there will be glitches. If this doesn't sound appealing to you, you can always wait until the game is fully released in the coming months. If you don't mind the work-in-progress, purchasing the game during early access helps us create a better finished product by giving us feedback while it's still in development and by funding future updates. After the early access period is over, the price will be increased to $9.99.

Narwhal Heist is an odd, comical first-person stealth-platformer game about a narwhal breaking bad. As secret agent Wally the Narwhal, you must rob houses, break into stores, and complete other various contracts in order to collect money to save your family. Professor Wigglywams, an ex-spy and notorious criminal, has kidnapped your wife and son for a $5,000,000 ransom. Your mysterious partner-in-crime, an unnamed agent, will provide you with contracts and information - but it's up to you to complete them.

  • You're a Narwhal, Wally - your horn is a blessing and a curse. It allows you to reach high up or distant objects, but be careful, because even slight contact with a fragile object will cause it to shatter instantly, leading to your arrest. Between contracts, you stay in a fish tank since you still need water to survive. Because of this, you always show up to contracts soaking wet - and wet means slippery.
  • Comical stealth - Being spotted by cameras, motion detectors, or people will result in your cover being blown and you being apprehended. Breaking anything (and believe me, there is a lot to break) with your horn or body will result in immediate arrest. With these two drawbacks, your goal will not be an easy one to achieve.
  • Seven base contracts - Throughout seven base contracts, you can earn money, gain experience, and inch your way closer to success. From your first house robbing to taking down Wigglywams Inc., each contract brings its own unique mechanics, obstacles, and objectives for you to encounter.

    Note: During the early access period, some levels may not be available. All seven levels will be available upon official release.
  • Black Market - Come on, you didn't think there were only seven contracts, did you? In addition to new side contracts, you can buy upgrades, new game modes, and cosmetics in the Black Market using the money you've earned from previous heists.

    Note: During the early access period, many Black Market features may not be available (including contracts, game modes, and cosmetics). An in-depth Black Market system will be available upon official release.

Every level is designed with multiple paths, and each challenge with multiple solution, and as such, creativity is rewarded. We know there's a large community out there determined to torture themselves in meticulously completing games in the quickest amount of time possible. Because of this, speedrunning is more than just an afterthought in Narwhal Heist. The levels and mechanics have been designed with speedrunning in mind, so that with enough time and dedication, even the toughest of these skill-based levels can be mastered. With some extra practice, quicker routes can be taken and shortcuts can be found. 


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Amazing game! Great job!

I completely forgot that Narwhals exist.. plus ive enjoyed playing this game. my long tusk sure put me in a lot of trouble. great job you guys!

I played the tutorial and had fun - I loved the dialogue in the game! I also broke a good amount of vases so I'm going have to practice a bit before I go to level 1.