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Welcome to Raven's Point.

Raven's Point is a fast-paced, thrilling horror boss rush. Find clues to unlock rooms, collect items and tools, and defeat four terrifying, unique boss fights as you uncover the mysteries of this strange town.

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The Demo

While the game is still in development, a demo is currently available for one of the boss fights. Feel free to give it a try!


Close eyesSpacebar
InteractLeft click

Support me

I'm a solo developer spending almost all of my free time on this project, so of course any support helps a great deal. If you'd like to support me financially, consider leaving a donation when you download the game, or check out my Patreon! Don't want to donate but still want to help? Consider sharing the game with your friends!


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This was a really creepy game! Took me some time to figure out how to actually play but overall it's good!

I did like it A Lot , it looks very promising ... Nice Job.


Gameplay en español. Muy buen juego 

Great game!! I had a blast getting scared and figuring out the mechanics. Cant wait for the full release. 

Aqui minha gameplay em português, espero que goste
Here my gameplay in portuguese, i hope you enjoy it

decided to give this game a go.  (i have to say it became addicting lol)

this game almost made me commit die : D

For the French if it interests :)


Fun little game!

Link to my channel (opens in new tab) youtube.com/jonathick



Really interesting and unique concept for a horror game! Can't wait to see more from this! Super creepy and the rabbit dude got me good lol 


Im not sure what I was doing wrong... 

can't wait to see more levels, enemies and more gameplay. i hope some hiding spots will be fixed

This game is so much fun! Definitely a bit hard to beat, but I absolutely loved it! so stoked to see the full version come to fruition.  Here's my playthrough: 

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hey man, I'm a game developer myself. This game was pretty good i really liked it! it was hard to figure out what to do at the start. If you want  to check out my latest game click right here:https://kirleygames.itch.io/thedreamtheory


requirements please ? dx 11 ?


Lantern light is a lil' bit disgusting. I like how the game sounds, SFX are pretty cool. Maybe mechanics are a bit confusing, but I guess next patchs will make game grow up a lot. Nice work.

great game, i got a little confused but i tried my best (Spanish-Playthrough)


Gracias por jugar y por las reacciones, ¡me suscribí!

muchas gracias! :D

Very interesting and fun, though there was a few moments in confusion on the actual mechanics. Still, a great play! And intriguing lore and ending.

Thanks for playing and for the feedback!

It was very interesting but it was kinda hard to understand what to do.

Thanks for playing and for the feedback!



Thanks for playing!


This game is fun. I like the idea that turn hide and seek to a scary game like this. It is fun to play it.

Thanks for playing!


This game had some really good jumpscares!

Thanks for playing!

No problem!

Very intense. Once i got the hang of it, it was quite fun. 

Thanks for playing! Hopefully this one was a little better than Narwhal Heist haha


This was so much fun and I can not wait to play more! 

I'm glad you enjoyed it, thanks so much for playing and for the kind words!

Had a blast! Any word on when we will get to play more?

I'm not 100% sure when I'll be releasing another playable build, but I'll probably be waiting for the full release instead of releasing another demo. I wouldn't want to spoil too much of the gameplay through demos considering I've already released one of the four boss fights haha. Progress is moving pretty swiftly so hopefully it shouldn't be too too long - I'll definitely be releasing a bunch of teasers and other announcements in the Discord server, though!

Makes sense! Either way  can't wait! Best of luck with the rest of the development!


Fantastic demo showing off both some great asset design as well as sound design. The thing you're going up against is creepy in the best way, but I wish the initial task was better explained. The note states to close your eyes but that is only for a later point. Well done, looking forward to the full release.

Thanks for the kind words, and thanks for playing!

Played this for a free random horror game and was really surprised with how much i enjoyed this. It had a very fnaf like tendency in which, you get into this rhythm of tasks needed to be performed in a timely manner in order to win. it had some pretty decent jump scares, and unlike most horror games, a flashlight that's actually worth a damn. I got a lot of TJOC vibes along with a hint of SAW (Weird but welcomed combo). The objectives are a little obscure in my opinion. I would recommend a bit better explanation of how you need to play at the beginning of each area and leave the difficulty up to, not so much learning how to fight the boss, rather than being able to keep up with the needed tasks and fighting boss itself. Some funny easter eggs in this demo as well. All in all, Very nice and looking forward to the release! If you want more feedback, I give a more in-depth and honest review in my video below! 

Thanks so much for playing and for the genuine, in-depth feedback! I apologize for the confusion - there was supposed to be an intro cutscene that gave a general explanation of how to play, but I accidentally left it out when I initially uploaded it.

Hey, no problem, it's what I do! I figured maybe something was missing? But that's okay, mistakes happen. It was still a fun and good game all around. Keep my posted on further development! Definitely want to play this game more!


Gave it a go...

Thanks for playing (and for the kind words!), glad you enjoyed it!

Impressive :)

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Great demo! Heres my lets play on it! I included a link to your game in the video! feel free to incorporate my video into your post if you would like! 

Thanks for playing another game of mine after Faceman 3D! haha


no problem! Your games are pretty good!

Give it a go

Thanks for playing! Sorry for the confusion - there was supposed to be a cutscene at the beginning that explains the gameplay and somehow it got cut out when I uploaded. I just reuploaded the game with a fixed version - thanks for the feedback!

This game is so Challenging Dev but I made a Gameplay of your game

Thanks for playing!

This game reminds me so much of the Saw Movies. Though I do have a few wishes that I hope would be implemented in future iterations of the game like paper that easily stands out via bloodstain or etc. But a boss rush style horror game is interesting.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont